Tap Anthology

There are several chapters on this page (History, Personalities, Vocabulary). I can’t imagine and understand the past, present and especially the future of tap dance without them. We have plenty of amateur schools and studios, we teach tap in many art colleges and universities and have an incredible variety of tap teachers. We lack publications about the genre (thanks to N.E.Sheremetievskaya, but take internet publications alone!). As a result there is an impression that we keep on re-discovering our own “tapping America”, opening our Russian schools of American tap dance and continue to pass the desirable for reality. However, we don’t move further than a quotation from the Big Soviet Encyclopedia (1969) and the joke about a big Armenian (why?) family and one commonly shared “night bowl”.


All the same, it’s the time to think over if we are the first and the best. It’s time we pay the attention to those who were before us, to those who are around us today. It’s time we look around if there are many of us, what we are like, - those who tap along Moscow and New-York, Paris and London, Kiev and Odessa, Vologda, Irkutsk and Saint-Petersburg, along the whole globe to help it turn around its axis.