Tchetchetka or step as it has been recently called in our country or tap dance as they used to call it in America. This dance develops not only musical talent and sense of rhythm but also cultivates easiness and freedom. In this genre professional and personal qualities are equally important. A tap dancer is concentrated inwardly but seems outwardly free. Classes and rehearsals, work and efforts put into mastering basic skills, methods and schools will finally turn you into a professional. The genre is self-sufficient because it is universal by its nature. It determines lifestyle and behaviour. I have never seen a tap dancer who wouldn’t be smiling and joking. Tap and smile more!

Here you can learn:

Where they teach: School-studio – practical classes with a teacher, timetable. We’re taking on new students to the tap dance studio!

What they teach: Tap classes – a vocabulary of tap terminology, practical tips for beginners, simple tap dance combinations.

Recommended reading – “Tche-tchet-ka!” – a unique handbook for dancing Russia written by Honored Artist of Russia, prof. V.I.Kirsanov, recommended to teachers, students and choreographers.