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  • Dancing centre Hoofing&Broadway
  • Fred Astaire
  • Gene Kelly
  • Tap in America. Archive of news.
  • NYC Tap dance festival. History. Participants. Classes. Photoalbum.
  • Jazz Tap UK - Tap dance in Great Britain. Schools. Ensembles. Soloists.
  • Tap Dance in France.
  • Igor Sabla. Tap dance news in Slovakia.
  • Zdenek Pileski. Tap dance news in Czechia.
  • Tap in Estonia. Alex Ivashkevich & DuffTapStudio.
  • Michael Umanets. Tap in Saint Petesburg.
  • "Grishko". Manufacture of ballet footwear, including tap dance.
  • Microphones for Tap dance. The professional sound equipment.
  • "Ballet" Magazin
  • Publishing house "One of the best"
  • Maxim Moshkov`s library.
  • Jazz in Russia.
  • Oleg Lundstrem`s orchestra.
  • Dances in style a swing. Training, festivals, master classes.
  • Moscow federation of hustle.
  • Tap-dancer`s and actor`s photoes... not only!
  • Alexey Gilko`s skilful feet. 
  • Fire Style
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